Dvine Timing Collection LLC was founded by Teresa Lowder. Teresa always been a business women. Always was in the corparate world. Therefore, have to always dress casual. So, that left little room for relaxed clothing. This has been going on for years. She was looking in her closet one day and said to herself, "I have no clothes I can put on and be comforable and look good at the sametime". The idea came to her, "I could sale just that". "I can sale super comforable, relaxing, cozy, multifunctional, stylish loungewear". "But it will cater to women who share the same feelings as I do".

Teresa started her journey by looking for the best 2pc loungewear sets she can find. Here we are today, helping hardworking women around the world to take more time to themsevles and dressing comfortable and stylish at the sametime. It is definitely a beautiful situation to watch.

Block The Sun

Dress up your loungewear with these stylish sunglasses!


Loungewear and Sunglasses

Pair your loungewear with some sunglasses!!

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