Dvine Timing Collection LLC was founded by Teresa Lowder. Teresa always been a business women. Always was in the corparate world. Therefore have to always dress casual. So, that left little room for dress down, relaxing clothes. This has been going on for years. So, one day, Teresa, the founded, was sitting around her house and the idea came to her to open up a online store that sales clothes that are relaxing and comfortable. Teresa needed more clothes in her closet that she can put on and lounge around in. She also wanted the clothes to be multifuntional and make a statement. Women have enough stresses in the world. Our clothes shouldn't be one of the stresses.

Plus Size


This 2pc is fitting to all of your curves.

Dvine Comfort is what you will recieve when you purchase from our site. Self-care is what it is all about with our brand!

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The material is soft and the giving to the curves.

We believe in caring about us women taking care of themselves. Our brand believes in uplifting and encouragement.

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Join the community of lounge wear

Our band values being kind to others and having integrity at all times.

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Stylish and Joy and Relaxation

Luxary is what you are getting from our brand. Being comfortable is what you are getting from our brand.

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Stay Stylish

While looking for your next loungwear. Dont for get to pick yourself up a pair of shades!