Welcome to our online boutique! It's both a pleasure and an honor to have you as our valued customer, or potential customer. At our boutique, we take pride in providing exceptional customer care, and we strive to offer the best possible experience to everyone who shops with us. To our recent customers, we hope you're still enjoying your amazing loungewear, and to those who are considering making a purchase, we're confident that you'll find the perfect selection of lounge wear to enjoy, just like our current customers have.

Dvine Timing Collection LLC was established by Teresa Lowder, who has always been a businesswoman in the corporate world, where casual wear was not an option. For years, this left her with little opportunity to dress down in comfortable clothes. One day, while lounging around her house, Teresa had an epiphany: to open an online store that sells relaxing and comfortable clothes. She wanted clothes that would be multifunctional and make a statement, while also providing a stress-free experience for women who have enough to worry about in the world. Teresa realized that she needed more clothes in her closet that she could wear to lounge around in, and she decided to share that experience with others through her boutique.

From Iloni's Collection

Visit Iloni's Collection for more colors. Picture yourself in this beautiful Velour 2pc set.

From Irene's Collection

The most softest material you have ever felt. This 2pc is special. It soothes you and your skin. Try it out for yourself.

From Luvenia's Collection

Ladies lets continue to keep it sexy and classy. This multipurpose dress is felt for you queens. Take it for a test drive.