Spiritual Meaning For:

Blue- it means hope, calmness, peace, faith, serenity, humility, wisdom, sincerity, truth, confidence, communication enhancement!

Yellow- optimism, friendliness, hope, happiness, cheerful, clarity, positivity, enlightenment, warmth, loyalty, intelligence, and knowledge!

Purple- spiritual growth, intuition, imagination, artistic expression and creativity!

Welcome to Dvine Timing Collection LLC®️

Meet Teresa, the powerhouse behind Dvine Timing Collection LLC®️, a brand that emerged from the struggles of discontent with the 9-5 grind. Teresa had enough—her job was like a one-sided relationship, taking all her skills and knowledge without giving back in terms of career growth. Despite being praised for her managerial potential, the promotion never followed.

One day, Teresa sat down and told herself, "NO MORE." After thinking and a lot of praying, the seed of entrepreneurship had been planted in her heart, and she decided it was time to be her own boss. In June 2021, she took the leap of faith and launched an online store that sold homemade lip gloss, bath salts, oils, and tees. The initial sales were promising, but Teresa, ever the adventurer, decided to pivot.

The turning point came when Teresa observed a gap in her own wardrobe. She noticed that she didn’t have anything comfortable to wear all day long. She didn’t have any clothes that spoke to her everyday life. She needed something that she could wear all day —comfortable yet stylish clothes that seamlessly transitioned from home to the outside world. This realization pushed Teresa to start selling women clothing that speaks to a specific type of woman. Clothes that are comfortable, has a relaxing fit, has soft material, be a confidence booster, make a women feel sexy. She also decided to sell sunglasses that will fit a women lifestyle and will go with any of her outfits, Bluetooth speaker tumblers which will be a great addition to add to your lifestyle because while you are relaxing and taking time to herself, you can be sipping on your favorite beverage alongside listening to your favorite songs coming from the speaker that is attached to the tumbler, and lastly, Teresa decided to sell passport wallets and card wallets designed to shield personal information from scammers. Who can use this type of wallet in their life. Let’s face it, we could use extra protection while out and about.

As Teresa embarked on this journey, she not only handpicked a collection of fashionable items but also discovered a deeper purpose. She understood the toll her previous life had taken on her—stress, overwork, feeling undervalued, the occasional dance with depression and sadness. This became the driving force behind her expanded inventory.

Dvine Timing Collection LLC®️ became more than just a store; it became Teresa's manifesto for change. She recognized the need to shift her mindset, upgrade her wardrobe to reflect her newfound self-love, and embody the advice she was putting out into the world. It's not just about clothes; it's a lifestyle-a reminder that the right time for positive change is always divine. And so, Teresa's online haven blossomed into a haven for women seeking a wardrobe refresh and a renewed sense of self.