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  • Love it!

    I saw this shop being advertised on tic tok. I was skeptical at first to buy from this store because it is so many scams. But I decided to give them a chance. I ordered the red dress because I had an event to go to and needed a sexy dress. When I received the red dress, the first thing I noticed was how soft the material was. I tried it on and loved the fit. I squeezed all of my curves. I am super satisfied with my choice. I will be buying from this store again.

    Marie Smith-Frank
  • It was worth it!

    I decided to buy the black dress, the pink set with the zipped front and the black cardigan. As you can see, I love shopping. The sets exceeded my expectations. I love all of them. I ordered the small sizes. they all fit fine for me. They all have stretch in them. I will be gift shopping at this store soon.

    Linda Mills
  • Must try!

    I seen this store advertised on Instagram and then on Tic Tok. So I decided to give this store a chance. I bought the purple set in a medium. I put it on as soon as I received it and it blow my mind. The material is so soft and it has planty of stretch in it. I am very satisfied and I will be becoming a regular customer.

    Lynn Stevens
  • Great!

    I ordered the cardigan set in black. I love it. I wear this set everywhere. I feel so good that I don't have to change my clothes when I had to leave the house. I went back and ordered the red one as well.

    Debra Lawis
  • Wonderful!

    I received my 2pc green set in a medium and it has plenty of stretch. I love the way that this 2pc feel against my skin. Next time I buy, I will be buying for my friends as gifts.

    Katy Moody
  • Glad I saw this store!

    I bought the green set for me, the blue set for my sister, the purple for my mom and the pink for my bestie. They all love the set. We all are in an agreement that what the product description say is true. You have a customer for life now.

    Susan Michaels
  • Won't regret!

    I saw this site being talked about on Instagram reels and I decided to make a purchase to see if this is worth my time and money. I would say, Yes it was. I am so happy with my choice. I bought the red cardigan set and I am glad I did. I have to go back to buy the black set as well

    Beth Carson
  • Love it!

    I follow this store because I love their message. I love what they circle themselves around. How spiritual they are. I am so inspired by them. I bought the pink lounge set in a 1x. I have some run in it. It has a nice stretch to it. I am back to buy the ble set as well.

    Gabrella Vanhorn
  • Customer service is great!

    I Love the customer service I received from this store. The owner is so sweet and helpful. She understood my order request. I need to add a note to my order. Since I had just checked out, I emailed the customer care email address, and I received a quick response about my order. My note was able to be added to the order. This was a gift. I bought my sister the 2pc cardigan set in a 2x with to top that was separate from the set. My sister loved the black set and my note. She was so thankful to me for buying the crop top as well.

    Stephanie Cook
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