Mission Statement

At Dvine Timing Collection LLC®️, we're all about remembering why we're here in the first place. Our mission is to stay true to our beliefs and keep our faith knowing that everything is always going to work out for the better and continue to serve women who crave visibility and a chance to be heard.

We're on a mission to keep finding those perfect pieces for our customers, creating a global space where our customers can connect, express themselves, and build bonds with those who truly get them. We want to be the go-to spot for women everywhere, providing a range of clothes that let them showcase their unique style.

Above all, our mission is to always have a welcoming place for our customers to come and discover clothes that bring them joy, excitement, relaxation, comfort, confidence, and that feeling of being desired and sexy. We're here to celebrate authenticity, empower women, and create a community where they can truly be themselves.