Collection: Bluetooth Tumbler

Imagine sipping your coffee or tea and able to listen to your favorite jams while doing so.

Imagine yourself sitting on the beach drinking on some water or your favorite beverage while listening to your favorite tones from your drinking cup. 

This cup can be used in your everyday life. You can be the life of the party and your outings (where you are able to play your music freely).


Let start with how when you turn the speaker on, different color flash. You can see in the pictures the different colors that the speaker turns while on. Beautiful colors! You can choose either the tumbler with the white speaker at the bottom or the one with the black speaker at the bottom.

Keep your beverage cold or hot

It comes with a USB charger 

You can get this tumbler in either:

White Cup with Black Bluetooth speaker 

White Cup with White Bluetooth Speaker 

Direction: Turn the Bluetooth speaker on. You will know that it's on because it lights up and the speaker tells you. Then scan the speaker on your device. It comes up as B83. 

The speaker will let you know when you have connected to your device. Find your favorite music and have a good time sipping your favorite drink and listening to your favorite songs or sounds.

Turn the volume up on your phone all the way and then adjust the volume on your speaker by pressing and holding the arrow buttons down, with a firm hold.

The left arrow is to turn the speaker down

The right arrow is to turn the speaker up

Use the same arrows to move forwards or backwards to the next song.

Press and hold the middle power button to tur

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