About my products

My lip balm is great all year long. It keeps the cracking of the lips away. My lip gloss add moisture to the lips and give a scent off as well. You can use my sugar lip scrab to help with taking all the dead skin off your lips. The lip oil has with moisture as well. You cannot go wrong using any of my lip products. They have many benefits. I have a body sugar scrub for the shower and a bath salt for your baths or your feet. I am currently working on a body butter as well. You are walking away with products that will provide what need daily for your lips and skin. These products can be used by men or women. If you need to relax, purchased the body salt. If you do not have time to take a bath, then grab you some sugar scrub. You cannot go wrong with either. If you have dry lips and they crack all the time, purchase you any of my lip products and use on a daily. Apply as needed.

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